Finance & Administration

The Sanford Town Clerk & Treasurer, Margaret Bassett, is responsible for all duties of a clerical nature including:

  1. All duties specified in Colorado Revised Statutes for the clerk of a statutory town under Home Rule,
  2. All duties specified in Colorado Revised Statutes for the treasurer of a statutory town, including but not limited maintenance of town accounting records in a manner consistent with specifications of the State Auditor and GASB Standards, preparation of bills, statements, and receipts for all town financial transactions, and maintenance of town investments.
  3. Maintenance of town records and files, including observance of specifications of the State Archivist.
  4. Preparation and distribution of all town mail.
  5. Preparation and distribution of payroll, including maintenance of personnel files and monitoring time sheet records.
  6. Preparation of reports to meet specific deadlines.
  7. Preparation of Water & Sewer bills and upkeep with those accounts, including handling of water & sewer bill payments.
  8. Assist with Census takers and complying with their requests.
  9. Meeting with the public.
  10. Other related duties as assigned.
  11. Attendance of any and all classes to improve performance skillset.